Missing Pieces

Help! I’m missing a puzzle piece.


Very infrequently a piece is actually missing from the box but, more likely, the piece has simply been misplaced somewhere in your home re

gardless of how experienced and careful you are with your puzzles.  Please take a few days to look around and make sure the pieces have not "walked" away in the cuff of pants or a shoe, become lodged beneath the leg of a table or in the case of one customer's experience, did not go home on a tray of cookies with the neighbors!


As we have grown and are manufacturing more runs of the puzzles we have found that the use of different dies to cut the pattern makes it nearly impossible for us to find a matching piece, so we do not offer replacement pieces any more.  


After looking thoroughly around the area in which you worked the puzzle if you still cannot find the piece and you feel that the piece was lost during the manufacturing process we would be happy to replace your puzzle. Please cut the barcode from the box and mail it with an enclosed note giving us your mailing address to:


True South Puzzle Company

73 White Bridge Rd, Ste 114

Nashville, TN 37205