Bryce Canyon National Park - Thor's Hammer

Minimum Quantity: 1
Size: 18x24
Number of Pieces: 500


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Bryce Canyon National Park is home to the hoodoos. These unique rock formations tower over the landscape, crafted by the impartial hands of water, wind, and time. The hoodoos stand just wide enough apart for visitors to weave through the Martian-like environment. Wander along the serpentine Navajo Trail for an intimate glimpse of this multi-lithic wonderworld. Secret passageways burrow into this natural Utahn castle. Each twist and turn in Queen’s Garden brings hikers into the presence of another gangling giant, painted rusty in the sun. Featured in this puzzle is a glowing display of the Thor’s Hammer hoodoo, illustrated by Anderson Design Group in a timeless, early 20th-century style.